membership application

Membership Rules

[Section 1 General Rules]

Article 1 (Objective): This society has its objective in dedicating to the development of scientific technology through literary activities and distribution related to fundamentals and applications of entomology in order to contribute to promoting the human welfare.

Article 2 (Title): This society shall be referred to as 'The Entomological Society of Korea' (Hereinafter, 'Society').
Article 3 (Office Site): The office of this Society shall be in Seoul.

Article 4 (Affiliations & chapter): This society may establish affiliates and chapters in various locations through voting of the board. Each affiliate and chapter may also establish appropriate rules.

Article 5 (Activities): This society shall engage in the following activities in order to achieve the purpose indicated in article 1.
1.Publication of Journal, Academic Publications & Literature.
2.Sponsor Academic Convention, Symposium, Seminars, and Academic Conference
3.Fortify cooperation with academia, industry, and research institutions.
4.Development and supply training and education programs.
5.International exchange of academic scholarship.
6.Promote good will among members.
7.Support research and award excellent achievements
8.Other necessary activities for achieving its objective

[Section 2 Member]

Article 6 (Membership types and Qualifications): The society's memberships are as follows and those who agree with the objectives of the society, submit prescribed membership applications, and receive approval from the board or other appointed board can be members.

1.Regular membership: Those who studied entomology or related fields or those who have been in the field for several years.
2.Student membership: Those who are studying entomology or related fields in undergraduate or graduate schools.
3.Special membership: Organization or business that pay special membership fees.
4.Organization membership: School, library, research center or other non-profit academic organizations or institutions.
5.Honorary membership: Anyone whose contribution to entomology development and supply is notable or has meritorious achievement in the growth of the society.
Article 7 (Member's Rights & Duties): The member of the society shall retain the following rights.

1.Receive society journal and newsletters published by the society.
2.Submit dissertations to the society journal.
3.Attend academic events and meeting sponsored by the society and state opinions on research presentation seminars.
4.Regular members may participate in the society business operations and voting rights, and other rights such as nominating board members.
Members of the society have the following duties.
1.Adhere to the general rules of the society.
2.Pay membership fee (exclude honorary member and honorary board members)
Article 8 (Membership Cancellation): Members of the society may at any time cancel their memberships.
Article 9 (Member Expulsion): any member(s) who are considered as following may be expelled from membership by the voting of the board.
1.Any person who is considered to have acted hostile to the objective of the society.
2.Any person who is considered to have damaged the reputation of the society.
3.Any person who failed to fulfill his or her duties.

[Section 3 Officers]

Article 10 (Types of Officers and Number): The society shall maintain the following officers.

1.1 director
2.2 assistant directors
3.2 auditors
4.less than 100 board members (including director and assistant directors)
5.A few honorary board members
Article 11 (Officer Term): The term of the officers are as follows.
1.the term of the office for officers is one year and may be reappointed.
2.During the term of the officer, if any vacancy occurs then supplementary vote will be conducted by the board and the term of the officer who is elected shall be for the remainder of the previous officer.
Article 12 (Nomiations of Officers): Officers shall be nominated as follows:
1.Director, assistant director and auditor shall be elected by the board of directors and they shall be appointed after receiving approval from the board and general meeting.
2.Director's committee shall elect board members and the director to receive approval from the board of directors and the general meeting.
3.Honorary board members shall be those who have been acting director or assistant director or contributed greatly to the development of the Society who were recommended by the board of directors.
4.Any termination of office before the end of the term shall go through the voting of the general meeting.

Article 13 (Duties of Officers & Designating Director Agent): The duties of the officers are as follows:

1.Director shall represent the Society, supervise society's operations, and act as chairman of general meeting, board meetings, and operation board meetings.
2.Assistant director shall aid the director.
3.Board member shall attend the board meetings, vote on the operation related items of the Society, and implement any items as related to them by the board or director.
4.In case of deceased or there is a vacancy of the director, the elected assistant director shall act as the director.
5.The board director shall supervise the relevant board and execute all operational activities as directed by the board.

Article 14 (Auditor's duties): Auditor shall have the following duties:

1.Audit the capital and accounting of the Society
2.Audit the operation of the board and related items
3.Report and request any corrective measures in case of any wrongful or illegal activities found in the audit pursuant to item 1 and 2 audits.
4.Request calling a board or general meeting if necessary to report any such situations found in item 3.
5.Testify to director, general meeting, or the board concerning the capital or operational terms of the general meeting or the board.
6.Sign and certify on the general meeting or the board meeting minutes.

[Section 4 general meeting]

Article 15 (Function of general meeting): general meeting shall consider and approve the following items:
1.Consider and approve the business and close accounting for the applicable year
2.Consider and approve next year business plan and budget
3.Society General Rule Provision Revisions
4.Refer items as determined necessary by the board
5.Other important items
Article 16 (Calling of general meeting): general meeting shall be called pursuant to following rules.
1.general meeting can be divided into regular general meeting and temporary general meeting. Regular general meeting shall be called by Fall academic convention and temporary general meeting by the director as determined necessary.
2.Director shall prescribe considering proposals on the notice or the society publication 14 days prior to the general meeting to give notice to each member.
3.general meeting may be resolution items prescribed in the notification pursuant to the above.

Article 17 (general meeting resolution quorum)

general meeting shall be composed of regular members. The opening of the meeting shall begin with over 1/10 of the regular membership and voting shall be done by the majority vote of the attended members. Except, when there is a tie, the chairman shall break the tie.
Article 18 (general meeting exception): general meeting exceptions are as follows:
1. Director shall call a general meeting within 20 days of the meeting request date when there is a request pursuant to the following items.
1)When the majority of the current board members present objectives for the meeting and request a meeting.
2)When auditor requests a meeting pursuant to article 13, item 4.
3)When over 1/10 of the regular members present objectives for the meeting and request a meeting
2. When the one in authority to call the meeting has been vacant or dismisses such requests to prevent calling the general meeting, the meeting can be called by either the majority or the 1/10 of the regular membership vote.
3. Any general meeting pursuant to item 2 shall be conducted as chairman by the eldest of the attending board members.
Article 19 (general meeting resolution 제척사유): When the chairman or the member is related to one of the following items, he or she may not attend the vote.
1.Self-related items concerning officer appointment or termination
2.Any items that accompany financial and capital transfer that is in conflict with the member and the Society's comprehension.
[Section 5 Board of Directors]
Article 20 (Structure & Function of Board of Directors): The board shall be composed of board members and it shall consider resolution each of the following items.
1.Items related to business plan and operations of the Society
2.Items related to budget closing accounting and capital purchase and sale
3.Items related to general rules and regulations
4.Items related to appointment of officers
5.Items related to qualification consideration & agreement of members
6.Items related to awards
7.Items related to board establishment and termination
8.Items related to dissolution of the society
9.Items as directed by the general meeting
10.Other important items

Article 21 (Calling Board Meetings): The board meetings shall be called as follows:
1.Director shall call a board meeting and at least seven days prior to the meeting, he shall prescribe the objective of the meeting and send notifications to each board member.
2.The voting is limited to those items notified in the item 1 above by the board. Except other items may be referred and resolved if the majority of the board members attend the meeting and there is an unanimous agreement.

Article 22 (Board meeting opening and resolution quorum)
The board shall open with the majority of board member in attendance and decide by majority vote of those in attendance. In case of a tie, the chairman will break the tie.

Article 23 (exception of calling the board meeting): exception of calling the board meeting is as follows:
1.Director shall call a board meeting within 20days from the requested meeting date when there is a request applicable to one of the following situations.
1)When requested by the majority of board members by presenting its objective
2)When requested by the auditor pursuant to Article 13, item 4.
3)When the one in authority to call the meeting has been vacant or dismisses such request to prevent board meeting for over seven days, the majority vote by the board members can override such decision and call a board meeting.

Article 24 (Prohibition against paper resolution): There shall be no paper resolution at the board meeting.

[Section 6 Committee]

Article 25 (Committee Members): In order to respond to the consultations of director and the society's operation execution, committees can be established. All article strucutre and operation of each of the committee shall be pursuant to the board establishment rules and regulations.

Article 26(operation committee) In order to execute operations successfully at the board meetings and general meeting, an operation committee can be established. The structure and operation of the committee and related items shall be pursuant to board regulations as determined by the board of directors.

[Section 7 Assets & Accounting]

Article 27 (Asset division, management & control): The assets of the society are as follows:
1.The assets of the society can be divided into general funds and donations.
2.The general funds shall designate the following as the earning.
1)membership fees
2)board membership fees
4)Excess Funds from Capital
5)other earnings
3.Donations shall be control and managed pursuant to regulations.
4.When the assets shall be donated, modified, or used as a collateral, the board shall approve of such activities.
5.Concerning operation and management of assets, board and the general meeting shall determine separately unless there are special rules and regulations in law and the general rules.
Article (Accounting Year) The Society's accounting year shall be from November 1 to October 31 of the following year.
Article 29 (Revenue & Expenditure Budget) The budget for Revenue and expenditure shall be approved by the general meeting and resolution from the board of directors along with the business plan at least 30 days prior to the beginning of every accounting year.
Article 30 (Membership Fee) The membership fee for the Society for the year shall be decided by the general meeting through the consideration of the board of directors.
Article 31 (liabilities other than budget) Any liabilities or receivable waiver shall go through resolution of the board of directors and general meeting.
[Section 8 Supplementary Rule]
Article 32 (Dissolution): When the society is to be dissolved, the board resolution through over 2/3 vote by the board members and over 2/3 vote in agreement by the members are required.
Article 33 (Reversion of Remaining Asset): When the society is dissolved, the remaining assets shall be donated to government, regional organizations, or academic institutions with the same or similar objectives as the society.
Article 34 (Dissolution Officer) When the society is to be dissolved, the dissolution officer shall be nominated from the board members at the time of dissolution with the approval from the general meeting.
Article 35 (General Rule Revision): When the general rule is to be revised, it shall be done by the majority vote of the board of directors and approved by the general meeting.
Article 36 (Execution of Rules): Any necessary items in executing the society's general rules, the board of directors vote is required.
Article 37 (Public Announcement): Any public announcements pursuant to law, general rules, and board of director's vote by the Society shall be published in general newspaper or regular publications of the academic publisher.
Article 38 (Provision): Any items that are not regulated by the general rule shall be determined by the general customs.
[Section 9 Supplementary Rule]
1.(Effective Date): This rule shall be effective on May 18, 1999.
2.Any enactment and revision of the rule are as follows.
November 6, 1970 enactment; October 18, 1975 Revision; September 15, 1977 Revision; November 29, 1978 Revision; May 18, 1996 Revision; May 8, 1999 Revision.