The Entomological Society of Korea not only contributes to the development of Entomology through study of related fields and the insects, but also has its objective in promoting fellowship among its members. Its founding members, Gyusan Chang Hwan Kim, Ph.D, Gwanjung Bok Sung Cho, Ph.D. and Wun Ha Bak, Ph.D established it on November 6, 1970 at Korye University, Seoul campus.

With its founding, it began active scholarship activities to have regular biannual research forums in Spring and Fall of every year until now. At the time of hosting of Research Forum, the tradition is to invite national and international scholars to accompany special seminars. Moreover, if conditions allow, symposiums were also hosted and the speakers were also scholars from Korea and other nations.

Annual Society Journal, 'Entomological Society of Korea Journal'  was published since 1971. It became biannual in 1974 and quarterly since 1989 to have distributed the volume number 82 in March of 2000.

On the other hand, in response to internationalization of the Journal in 1998, the decision was made to exclusively include and publish Korean and English
dissertations on the first two volumes of each year and only the complete English
dissertations in other two volumes. Currently, this decision is being implemented.

Additionally, one volume, 'General Entomology' was published as college text in 1984. Furthermore, the revised edition that completely revised the first edition was published on September 1, 2000.

In 1994, 744 page- 'Korea Insect Names' was published. This collection of names strove to arrange and complete all insect species reported domestically according to the most objective classification system. Moreover, it organized and listed the names of each class orders in Korean to establish the standard of Korean Insect names.
In addition, in 1998, it published 'Insect Terminology' in collaborations with Applied Entomological Society of Korea.

November of 2000 as the starting point, as the 30th year anniversary of the society's founding, we are working to publish  '30 Years of The Entomological Society of Korea'  that will highlight the history of Entomology in Korea for the Annual Association Meeting in November. Moreover, we are planning to also publish additional revised edition of 'Korea Insect Names.'

In order to promote fellowship among members and share information, we have published Newsletters. Further, we frequently held Outdoor Collection and a course for insect and nature education for the public. Although in the early years of the society's founding, there were spring events, we have mainly held to summer schedule.

Our members can be divided into five categories. Among them, the regular members are those who have either majored in entomology or studied in the field. However, those who are currently studying Entomology or related fields in undergraduate or graduate schools receive student memberships. Organizations such as university libraries are institute members. Although foreigners may apply for membership, since there were little active recruitment activities, there are only few. The number of members who have registered with the Society totals to about 500 and the office for the Society is located inside Korye University Annex Korea Insect Research Center.